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  • Consent-Management-Tool (Cookie-Box)

    Data protection-friendly web navigation: Our cookie box enables transparent and user-friendly cookie management.
    from 11,00 monthly
  • Funnelz

    Increase your lead generation with Funnelz: Dynamic forms that effectively maximize your conversion rate.
    from 19,00 monthly
  • Google-Maps integration

    Optimize your website with our Google Maps integration: intuitive, user-friendly and effective.
    from 15,00 monthly
  • Matomo Analysis (formerly Piwik)

    Get in-depth insights: Data protection-compliant tracking for precise website analysis.
    from 15,00 monthly
  • Performance package for WordPress

    Speed ​​up your WordPress site with our performance package: optimization for faster loading times and improved user experience.
    from 9,00 monthly
  • Progressive Web-App (PWA)

    Transform your website into a powerful app: Discover our Progressive Web App solution with push notifications and more.
    from 49,00 monthly
  • Security package for WordPress

    Maximum security for your WordPress site: Our security package protects against threats and maintains your digital reliability.
    from 19,00 monthly
  • SEO package for WordPress

    Increase your online visibility with our SEO package for WordPress: targeted optimization for top search engine rankings.
    from 9,00 monthly
  • Shop

    Optimize your online trading: Our shop system offers user-friendly, efficient and scalable e-commerce solutions.
    from 49,00 monthly
  • SmartAccess – Accessibility tool

    Reach all users: Our accessibility solution makes your website accessible and inclusive.
    from 39,00 monthly
  • Typo3 website

    Professional TYPO3 websites from Matoma: Tailor-made, user-friendly and perfect for your business.
    from 99,00 monthly
  • Website on the Matoma Typo3 client system

    Small site, small price on the Matoma TYPO3 client system: Cheapest solution for small businesses and campaign sites!
    from 25,00 monthly
  • WordPress maintenance

    Worry-free WordPress maintenance: Secure your website’s performance and security with our comprehensive service.
    from 49,00 monthly
  • WordPress Website

    Create your ideal WordPress presence with a tailor-made WordPress website from Matoma: user-oriented, flexible, powerful and fast.
    from 49,00 monthly