Consent-Management-Tool (Cookie-Box)

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  • GDPR compliant, legally secure
  • Adaptable to your CI
  • Incl. cookie audit
  • WordPress or Typo3 compatible
  • Incl. cookie management
  • Incl. updates and support
  • plus. Facility



The cookie box is a licensed software solution that is displayed as a pop-up message to the website visitor in order to make their desired settings. All website user consents are managed in a legally secure manner using the consent management tool. Cookies are small text files that are stored to collect information about usage behavior and display personalized content. The cookie box gives the user the opportunity to agree to or reject the use of cookies.

A consent management tool, also known as a cookie box, is a measure to comply with EU data protection regulations. The need depends individually on the content of your website and is checked and documented during setup as part of a cookie audit.

  • If you agree, the cookie will be stored on the user’s device and the website can store and use the user data accordingly
  • Documentation: Management of consent in cookie management

quality and safety

  • Made in Germany
  • Updates and support
  • Data protection compliant (GDPR)
    in regular coordination
    with our external data protection officer

Your advantages

  • Cookie audit with assignment to cookie classes by our team of experts
  • Compatible with your plugins such as caching or multilingualism
  • Individual adaptation to your CI
  • More control over the use of cookies
  • Increased transparency

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Questions & Answer

Is the cookie box data protection compliant?

Yes, the cookie box is data protection compliant and meets all requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is regularly checked by our data protection officer and adapted and updated in accordance with current legal regulations.

Can I adapt the cookie box to my corporate design?

Yes, the cookie box can be individually adapted to your corporate design to ensure seamless integration into your website.

Is it possible to use the cookie box on a non-Matoma website?

Yes, the Cookie Box is system independent and can be integrated into almost any website, regardless of whether it comes from Matoma or not. Our cookie box is designed to be flexible and customizable to allow seamless integration into different website environments.

How long does it take to implement the cookie box on my website?

Implementing the cookie box is quick and uncomplicated. The cookie box can be ready for use within 3 working days and support you on the path to data protection compliance.

Does the cookie box affect the loading time of my website?

No, our cookie box is designed so that it does not significantly affect the loading time of your website. We ensured that the implementation was smooth and efficient.

How is an assignment made in cookie classes?

When your cookie box is implemented, a detailed audit is carried out, which is documented in writing.