SmartAccess – Accessibility tool

from 39,00 monthly

  • BGG compliant, legally secure
  • Made in Germany
  • System can be used independently
  • Incl. Updates and Support
  • (Optional) adaptable to your CI
  • plus. Facility
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  • Clear and concise texts
  • Integration of keyboard operation
  • High contrast colors
  • Adjustment of font size and line spacing

quality and safety

  • Made in Germany
  • Updates and support
  • BGG compliant –
    Law on Equality for Disabled People

Your advantages

  • Increased accessibility for all users
  • Larger target groups, increased reach
  • Reduced risk of legal warnings or lawsuits
  • Improved image
  • Better compatibility with search engines

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Questions & Answer

What is website accessibility and why is it important?

Website accessibility means that all users, regardless of their abilities or limitations, can use the website effectively. This is important to ensure everyone has access to information and services and to improve the overall user experience.

Is implementing an accessibility tool mandatory?

Yes, implementing an accessibility tool will become mandatory starting June 28, 2025. According to the Accessibility Strengthening Act, from this point onwards the products and services mentioned in the law must be barrier-free.

Will implementing this tool affect my website loading times?

Our accessibility tool is designed to not negatively impact your website loading time. We rely on efficient solutions to ensure accessibility is improved without compromising performance.

Can I implement the accessibility tool on websites not created by Matoma?

Yes, the accessibility tool can be implemented independently of the website creation. It is compatible with all website platforms and can be integrated into existing websites, whether created by Matoma or not.