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20 years experience and still with the passion of a start-up

We are a software company. We offer software solutions to our customers all along the sales value creation chain. Bottom line: After we have done our work, turnover must go up.
We identify four phases in the sales process:

Lead generation

Lead qualification

Customer acquisition and Customer retention

We have solutions for each of these phases that can be customised to meet the particular needs of the company. We deploy three different software packages, and depending on the needs of the project, we build bridges between the solutions.

After completion of the project, we support our customers with the deployment of the software and give them important pointers on the way to achieving the goal of a systematic improvement in turnover, through benchmarking and coaching.

Today, it is not just
the mittelstand (SMEs)
that makes up our customer list.

The past

Back in 1997, as students with an enthusiasm for the Internet, we set up a small partnership “just for fun”. As we look back over the intervening years, even we can scarcely believe the journey that we have been on. As the potential of the Internet has revealed itself, step-by-step, and today has become an essential part of every business model, we have been successful in breaking this potential down to meet the needs of SMEs, and in creating vital solutions. Our focus has always been on mid-sized, owner-driven companies.

The future

Going forward, the significance and importance of Internet technologies are going to grow sharply for all companies and for all business models. The innovation wave is really only just starting to break. The current overall economic situation and positive keywords such as Industry 4.0 are creating a favourable climate for this.
In the ever more complex world of internal and external processes, companies will (have to) establish partnerships with IT service providers, in order to face this challenge adequately.
Matoma will align its solutions and services so that many of these partnerships can be established. It is not a question of having a one-size-fits-all solution but of identifying the individual requirements of each company and of creating solutions that address and resolve these.


The CURIOSITY to seek out new and innovative approaches has been our constant driver over the last 20 years. Both within the company and within the market as a whole, we have always considered the status quo to be just a milestone on the journey, not the final destination.
It is a great privilege for us to be able to work in an area, which, in point of fact, is our PASSION. The Internet still fascinates us today just as it did 20 years ago when sometimes, we had to wait hours just to download a single image file.
On of the positive characteristics of our daily work is the collaboration and interaction with PEOPLE, whether that’s our own staff or that of our customers. We are always dealing with people who want to work with us to make things better than they were before.
After our solutions have been implemented, it is a great joy for us to see how, from an initial thought, an IDEA, an important component has been created that results in increased productivity and at the end of the day, in better business for our customers.