Google-Maps integration

from 15,00 monthly

  • Custom Google Map
  • Embedding markers and tooltips
  • Incl. Updates and Support
  • plus. Facility



  • Custom maps
  • Display custom markers
  • Search function
  • Responsive design for viewing on different devices
  • Output of a list view
  • Customizable map styles

quality and safety

  • Updates and Support
    by our team of experts in Trossingen
  • Data protection compliant (GDPR)

Your advantages

  • Improved user experience through easier navigation and orientation
  • Reduction of support effort through provided information

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Questions & Answer

What exactly is a Google Maps integration and what is it used for?

“Google Maps Integration” refers to the seamless integration of a customized Google Map into an application, website or platform. This custom map allows you to display specific locations, markers and tooltips based on data from Excel spreadsheets.

Is the integration also optimized for mobile devices?

Yes, the Google Maps integration is optimized for mobile devices.

Can the integration be adapted to the design of my website?

Yes, the custom Google Maps integration allows you to customize the map style and colors to ensure the map matches the look and feel of your platform.

How are tooltips used on the map?

Tooltips are pop-up windows that appear when a user hovers over a marker. They can be used to display detailed information about a specific location or event.

What types of information can be displayed as markers?

You can display various types of information as markers, including location names, addresses, custom icons, and even additional data displayed in tooltips.

How can I integrate data from Excel spreadsheets into my Google Map?

The integration occurs by linking the location data contained in the Excel spreadsheets with the corresponding markers on the map. This can be done via API interfaces or special integration tools.