Matomo Analysis (formerly Piwik)

from 15,00 monthly

  • Alternative to Google Analytics
  • GDPR compliant, legally secure
  • Hosting on a German server
  • System independent
  • Incl. updates and support
  • plus. Facility



  • Data is collected about various aspects of user interaction, such as visits, clicks, length of stay, return page, purchases, etc. and output as a report.
  • The collected data is stored and processed in a database or data storage for easier analysis.
  • There are various analysis methods and techniques to interpret the collected data and gain useful insights. Statistical methods, machine learning models and visual representations are used here.
  • Matomo helps present data and insights in easy-to-use reports and dashboards that help users access important information quickly and easily.
  • Through feedback and insights into user behavior, your online presence and activities can be optimized.

quality and safety

  • Updates and support from our team of experts in Trossingen
  • Hosted on a German server
  • Guaranteed 100% data ownership
  • Data protection compliant (GDPR)

Your advantages

  • Data protection compliant use compared to Google Analytics
  • Access to relevant information and data: competitive advantage through new insights

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Questions & Answer

What is Matomo and how can it help me?

Matomo is a powerful website analytics platform that allows you to collect, analyze and interpret rich data to gain insights into your website performance. You can better understand user behavior, improve user experience, reduce costs and make data-driven decisions.

What types of data does Matomo collect?

Matomo tracks various aspects of user interaction, including visits, clicks, time spent, purchases, and more. This data is stored, processed and analyzed to gain valuable insights.

How does Matomo help optimize my website?

Matomo offers comprehensive analysis methods, including statistical methods, machine learning models and visual representations. These help you understand user behavior, identify bottlenecks and optimize user experience and business processes.

What security measures does Matomo offer?

Matomo uses a German server that meets German security standards. Your data will be processed in accordance with GDPR and you will always retain 100% ownership of the data collected.

Is using Matomo legal?

Yes, using Matomo is legal because Matoma ensures that the data collected is processed in accordance with data protection regulations and the privacy of users is respected.