from 19,00 monthly

  • Lead generation through graphical queries
  • Dynamic, multi-stage form
  • Individual questions and dependencies
  • Incl. Updates and Support
  • plus. Facility



  • Dynamic form
    Funnelz dynamically adapts the form to user responses and automatically creates branches and paths based on your specifications.
  • Easy integration
    Funnelz can be easily integrated into existing websites or landing pages.
  • Own database
    Funnelz collects data and notifies you when new requests are received.

quality and safety

  • Updates and Support
    by our team of experts in Trossingen
  • No data passed on to third parties

Your advantages

  • Time and cost savings through digital processes
  • Central data input
  • Easy integration into your existing website

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Questions & Answer

How does Funnelz dynamic form work?

Funnelz’s dynamic form automatically adapts to users’ answers. It creates branches and paths based on the previous responses and adjusts the form history in real time to provide a targeted response or enable a request.

Can Funnelz be integrated into my existing website?

Yes, Funnelz was designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing websites or landing pages. This allows for smooth adaptation to your existing online presence.

How does Funnelz contribute to acquiring new customers?

By specifically querying the needs of interested parties, inquiries can be processed faster and more qualified.

What impact does Funnelz have on time and cost savings?

Funnelz automates the process of interaction and data processing. This saves time in manual data processing and thus contributes to more efficient use of resources.

Can Funnelz be used in different industries?

Yes, Funnelz can be used in a variety of industries to enable personalized customer interactions. The customizability makes it suitable for businesses of various types.