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Digitisation in medium-sized businesses

TikTok meets – the perfect synergy for modern HR management

By 29. February 2024No Comments5 min read

The ongoing challenges in attracting qualified employees in medium-sized businesses have encouraged companies to explore innovative ways. In this context, TikTok, the popular platform for entertaining and original videos, has emerged , proven to be a surprisingly effective remedy. The fascinating combination of fun, creativity and direct communication not only offers companies an opportunity to find employees, but also opens up exciting perspectives in the area of ​​employer presence and corporate culture.

TikTok has long since developed beyond the image of a pure entertainment platform and shows Astonishing effectiveness as an HR tool in medium-sized companies. It allows companies to present themselves authentically and get in direct contact with potential employees.

Recruitment is not the only goal. TikTok offers the extraordinary opportunity to convey the corporate culture to the outside world in a creative way . Could this all-round solution be a way to successfully address the shortage of skilled workers in medium-sized businesses?

The current time is characterized by a noticeable shortage of skilled workers, which requires innovative solutions to attract highly qualified talent. TikTok offers exactly that – a unique opportunity, the young generation that is multiplying who is active on the platform. By strategically using TikTok, companies can not only combat the shortage of skilled workers , but also attract a new generation of young talent.

TikTok is primarily aimed at a younger target group, especially teenage users. and young adulthood. The platform has broad appeal among people aged around 16 to 24 years. However, TikTok is also becoming increasingly popular among users in their 30s and older.

To successfully convert a visitor on TikTok into a potential applicant is crucial to creating an appealing and authentic presence on the platform. Through the creative use of TikTok, companies can not only improve their corporate culture and working environment present in a lively manner, but also offer targeted insights into career opportunities. Sharing employee stories, projects and internal company events can create an emotional connection and pique the interest of potential applicants.

Additionally, companies should incorporate call-to-action elements into their TikTok content to encourage engagement. This could be, for example, inviting people to attend virtual career events, visit the company’s careers page, or submit applications. Using relevant hashtags and interacting with the TikTok community can also increase visibility and encourage potential applicants to learn more about the company’s career opportunities. Overall, an authentic and engaging TikTok presence is key to converting visitors into active candidates and using the platform as an effective recruiting tool.

Checklist: TikTok content to attract applicants

  1. Be authentic: Make sure your content is authentic and reflects the real vibe of your company. Authenticity creates trust and appeals personally.
  2. Share employee stories: Tell stories of colleagues who share their experiences in the company. This gives a real insight and shows what applicants can expect.
  3. Career Emphasis: Highlight career and development opportunities. Show how the company promotes and supports talent to achieve long-term professional goals.
  4. Present projects: Present interesting projects or challenges that colleagues are working on. This clarifies the skills and tasks that applicants expect in the company.
  5. Look behind the scenes: Take a look behind the scenes of the company, be it in the office, in production or at events. This allows applicants to become part of the community.
  6. Show employee diversity: Show the diversity of the people in the company. This emphasizes an inclusive culture and appeals to diverse talents.
  7. The integration of automated email processes accelerates communication, while individual access and viewing rights increase security. As a cloud-based solution, protects against hacker attacks and meets the data protection standards according to the GDPR. “Made in Germany” guarantees quality and reliability.

Conclusion: TikTok and – The future of HR management in medium-sized businesses

The realization that TikTok is not just an entertainment platform, but has also established itself as a powerful tool for recruiting personnel in medium-sized companies, is groundbreaking. The connection with Matoma’s enables the entire process to be designed efficiently and legally compliant in order to meet the requirements of the modern job market. The use of TikTok as an HR tool in combination with an advanced applicant management system clearly shows the path to the future of HR management for medium-sized businesses.

The time for this revolutionary HR strategy is now.

How does TikTok help in the fight against the skills shortage?

TikTok enables direct communication with potential employees, especially the younger generation. With targeted content and a well thought-out strategy, companies can combat the skills shortage and attract a new generation of talent.

What advantages does from Matoma offer? goes beyond traditional applicant management and offers a range of benefits to make the application process efficient and user-friendly.

The solution allows companies to offer applicants a low hurdle and offer different forms per position. This means that the application process can be customized per job to better meet the requirements and expectations of applicants. This flexibility not only increases the number of applications, but also increases applicant satisfaction.


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