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Smart Lockers

Smart lockers and meeting rooms in the New Work environment

By 3. April 2024April 9th, 2024No Comments5 min read
New Work


Smart locker systems in conference and meeting rooms are an indispensable component for the effective and secure running of meetings. They support the “New Work” concept by focussing on flexibility, security and efficiency, thereby increasing productivity in modern working environments. In an increasingly connected world, they are a key factor in the success of meetings and conferences.

How does a Smart Locker differ from traditional lockers?

Smart Lockersoffer advanced features such as digital access control, real-time status monitoring and flexible allocation that go beyond the static nature of traditional lockers.

Can Smart Lockers be integrated into existing office environments?

Yes, Smart Locker is a solutiondesigned, often featuring customisable designs and different size optionstto meet the specific needs of each office.

How do Smart Lockers contribute to data security?

Smart Lockersensure the security of confidential information and personal items through secure access systems and logging of access, which is particularly important in conference and meeting rooms.

Can external guests use Smart Lockers?

Yes, Smart Lockerscan be configured so that they can also be used by external guests, which makes managing visitor propertyeasierand increases security.

How is technical equipment managed in Smart Lockers?

Technical equipment can be stored centrally in Smart Lockers, with access authorisations ensuring that only authorised persons have access. Thismakesthe management and availability of equipment for meetings and presentations easier.

What advantages do Smart Lockers offer for room utilisation in conference rooms?

By efficiently organising and securely storing personal items and technical equipment, Smart Lockershelp to make better use of the available space in conference rooms and avoid clutter.


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