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Simple data record updating, thanks to Profile Manager.

By 14. July 2015February 29th, 2024No Comments2 min read

With the Profile Manager, Matoma is expanding the Newsletter Marketing Center with useful functions that further simplify alumni management at colleges and universities.

As a long-standing solution provider for alumni management, Matoma Internet Consulting is constantly working to further improve the modular “Alumni 2.0” solution. For example, the Newsletter Marketing Center (NLMC) module has been given a functional extension in the form of the Profile Manager to make it much easier to update data.
In future, alumni managers will be able to write to their members or users by e-mail and ask them to enter or update their data directly in an online form sent with the newsletter. The returned data is automatically transferred to the backend system. Functions such as reminder e-mails as a reminder if the form is not completed can also be sent automatically via the software. This significantly reduces the manual effort required for post-processing.

The areas of application of the profile manager are diverse. Only one of the possibilities is illustrated on Here it is shown how a university yearbook can be implemented with the help of the Profile Manager without a great deal of personnel and time expenditure.

NLMC in all-round use: thanks to its modular structure, it helps alumni managers with updating, surveys and communication with alumni. It can also provide support for university communications, fundraising and event management staff.


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