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These days, if you want to reach your target group in the best possible way, you have to have a broad communication channel. The potential for optimisation has also been recognised amongst local authorities and increasingly, they are making use of dialogue marketing systems.

As opposed to classical newsletter systems, dialogue marketing systems offer a much wider scope for distributing information or for running multi-level campaigns. In addition, the comprehensive back-end can be used for managing the data records and serves as a type of mini CRM system.

E-marketing through the NLMC is a tool that doesn’t just offer numerous functions and paths for creating dialogues, it is also the back-end system for managing, evaluating and filtering communications.

Einsatzgebiete des NLMCs sind Serien-Emails, Newsletter, Dialogformulare, Umfragen, Einladung für Veranstaltungen, Mehrstufige-Emails
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