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Alumni work: The undiscovered potential – How universities can efficiently maintain and expand loyalty through software such as CRM

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The inestimable value of alumni

Alumni are a bridge to the world beyond the campus walls. They are ambassadors, mentors, supporters and critical friends of universities. Through their experience in the working world, alumni can advise current students and act as mentors. Their success stories inspire and motivate; their networks open doors to internships, projects and career opportunities. Alumni also play a key role in fundraising and resource development at universities. Their feedback is essential for the continuous development of curricula in order to keep educational programmes up-to-date and relevant. Last but not least, successful alumni strengthen the university’s image and brand through their achievements.

The role of technology in keeping in touch

Maintaining alumni relationships in a digitally networked world requires the use of modern technologies. CRM systems provide a solid foundation for alumni management by enabling centralised data management and supporting targeted communication with various alumni groups. Email marketing systems make it possible to reach alumni with personalised messages, be it through regular newsletters, invitations to events or surveys that encourage their engagement. Specialised web portals offer alumni not only valuable career support, but also the opportunity to interact in a vibrant community and participate in lifelong learning.

Best practices for universities

To use technology effectively, universities should seamlessly integrate their systems (CRM and e-marketing) and personalise communications. It is important to incentivise active engagement and strictly adhere to privacy and security regulations. By analysing user behaviour, universities can continuously improve their strategies and maximise the value of their alumni relationships.

Emotional appeal

Beyond the technology and strategies, the heart of a successful alumni relationship lies in the emotional connection forged during the student experience. The stories of alumni who have reached personal and professional heights through the support of their alma mater are a powerful testament to the potential of these relationships. Universities that recognise this treasure and invest in nurturing these lifelong partnerships not only enrich the lives of their alumni, but also their own institutional legacy.

Final words

Alumni are more than former students; they are an integral part of the university community and key players in the ongoing history and development of their universities. By utilising modern technology, universities can maintain and develop these valuable relationships. But ultimately it is the shared memories, experiences and shared vision for the future that make this bond irreplaceable. It is time to fully realise the untapped potential of alumni relationships and foster a culture of recognition, appreciation and lifelong engagement.
Universities are at a crossroads: they can either stick to traditional approaches or embrace the opportunities offered by modern technology and the power of community. Investing in strong, vibrant alumni networks is an investment in the future – not only for the alumni themselves, but also for the next generation of students who will fulfil their potential at these universities.
By creating an environment where alumni feel valued and connected, universities can build a vibrant, supportive community that lasts for years and decades to come. This community will become a source of inspiration, knowledge sharing and mutual support. It will help universities to be perceived not only as places of learning, but as centres of life and innovation.
Alumni are the living testimony of a university’s success. They embody the values, knowledge and skills imparted at these institutions. By fostering these lifelong relationships, universities demonstrate that education is an ongoing process that goes beyond the classroom and is deeply rooted in the real world.
The stories of alumni who return to share their knowledge and experiences are a source of motivation and pride for the entire higher education community. They show that the path students take is filled with countless opportunities and experiences to be discovered. They are a reminder that every individual, regardless of their field of study or career path, has the ability to make a positive contribution to society.
In conclusion, it is imperative that universities do not view the relationship with their alumni as an afterthought, but as central to their mission and commitment to lifelong learning and societal development. Cultivating these relationships takes time, dedication and resources, but the resulting benefits – for alumni, for current and future students, and for the university itself – are immeasurable. It is an investment that promises a rich harvest of knowledge, innovation and community.
At a time when the world is more interconnected than ever, alumni relations offer a unique opportunity to build bridges, broaden horizons and make a lasting impact on the world. Let’s seize this opportunity and together create a future rich with opportunity, connection and success.

Matoma GmbH – Your partner for holistic solutions in higher education


Matoma GmbH stands out as one of the few active players when it comes to implementing holistic solutions in the field of higher education communication and administration. With an impressive track record of over 40 partnerships with universities and colleges in German-speaking countries, Matoma brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the specific needs and challenges of these educational institutions.

Flexibility and adaptability:

A key element that sets Matoma apart is the flexibility in the implementation of its solutions. In particular, Matoma offers the option of a phased introduction of its systems. This approach allows universities to start with cost-effective modules, such as an email marketing module. This module alone can effectively support and improve a wide range of communication tasks.

Maturity level and future-oriented development:

Matoma recognises the importance of organisational maturity and target group development. Matoma’s solutions are designed to grow with the universities. A comprehensive CRM system can be seamlessly integrated at a later stage, when the organisation’s own level of maturity and that of the target group allow it. This significantly professionalises contact management and enables more effective and successful implementation of long-term projects such as fundraising or mentoring programmes.

Overcoming traditional boundaries:

Moving away from traditional, often limited tools such as Excel and Outlook to a specialised CRM system marks a turning point in the way universities manage their relationships with alumni and other stakeholders. Matoma offers a solution that not only increases efficiency, but also sustainably improves the quality of relationships with the various stakeholders. With Matoma at your side, you are choosing a partner that not only has extensive experience and expertise, but also a deep understanding of the importance of future-oriented and scalable solutions in the higher education sector. Invest in the relationship with your alumni and other key stakeholders with Matoma – for a brighter future for your educational institution.

FAQ: Alumni network and technology

Why is it important for universities to keep in touch with their alumni?

Connecting with alumni offers numerous benefits, including networking opportunities for current students, support through mentoring, financial contributions and fundraising, and strengthening the university’s reputation through the success of its graduates.

How can CRM systems help universities maintain contact with alumni?

CRM systems for universities enable central management of alumni data, facilitate segmentation for targeted communication, and support the Event planning and enable detailed tracking of interactions to strengthen and individualize the relationship with alumni.

What role do email marketing systems play in alumni management?

Email marketing systems for universities (such as the newsletter marketing center from Matoma) are crucial for regular and personalized communication with alumni. They can be used to send newsletters, event invitations and other important communications to keep the alumni community active and engaged.

How can specialized web portals improve the alumni experience?

Specialized web portals provide a platform for alumni to network, share career opportunities and access lifelong learning resources. They promote a strong community and support the professional success of alumni.

Can every university build an effective alumni network?

Yes, with the right strategies and technologies, universities of all sizes can build an effective alumni network. The key is to tailor communication and provide alumni with added value to foster lasting loyalty.

How do you measure the success of an alumni network?

The success of an alumni network can be measured using various criteria, including engagement rates in events and communications, increase in financial contributions, participation in mentoring programs, and overall alumni satisfaction with the university’s offerings.

Which data protection aspects must be taken into account when using CRM systems for alumni management?

Universities must ensure that the use of CRM systems complies with data protection laws such as the GDPR. This includes storing data securely, communicating transparently about data use and giving users control over their personal information.


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