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Smart Lockers

Software for smart locker systems: Why more than just opening and closing matters

By 29. February 2024No Comments2 min read

The Evolution of Smart Lockers: From Single-Use to Multi-Use

Previous smart lockers usually only served one purpose. They were static, limited to simple opening and closing mechanisms.

Similar to how the iPhone combined multiple functions in one device, smart lockers open the door to multiple applications. A truly smart locker offers space for different usage options and is controlled by versatile software.

Demands on the software: Higher, smarter, more user-friendly

Versatile use cases
Modern software should be able to map different scenarios – from postal administration to fleet management.

Integration with the workforce
A connection to the staff base enables personalized and efficient use.

Cloud / On-Premises Solutions
Flexibility in data storage and management is crucial.

Web-based platforms and apps
For easy advance or remote booking and payment for services.

Peer-2-peer functions
For the secure transfer of items between employees.

Tool management and output
Another aspect that can increase efficiency in the workplace.
The role of reminder and escalation services

More than opening and closing
Intelligent notification and reminder systems ensure that no task remains unfinished and processes run efficiently.


The time when smart lockers were just a single locker is over. The future lies in software that offers versatility, flexibility and user-friendliness. When introducing smart locker systems, you should place high demands on the software, because only through powerful, multifunctional software do smart lockers become an integral part of an efficient and modern working environment (New Work). It’s time to fully embrace the power of technology and see smart locker systems for what they can be: a key to a smarter, more efficient and more user-friendly workplace.


Author Marco

As managing director of Matoma GmbH and an experienced software entrepreneur (since 1997), Marco Gola has established himself as a leading force in the field of smart locker systems. He is the editor of a specialist book and an active blogger, where he writes about smart lockers, especially in office environments. Through his membership in the DVPT and IFMA Switzerland, he underlines his commitment to quality and innovation in the industry. Matoma GmbH is distinguished by the development of the leading software solution for intelligent locker systems NetLocker(r). Follow Marco Gola on LinkedIn for the latest insights and developments.

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