Domain reservation

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  • Your desired domain
  • Incl. Order processing and administration by Matoma



  • Reservation of the desired domain
  • Selection from various top-level domains such as “.de”, “.com”, “.shop”
  • Administration by Matoma (including setting up a forwarding, changing domain owners, and much more)

quality and safety

  • Reservation and domain management
    by our service team
  • Invoicing by Matoma

Your advantages

  • Desired domain will be secured
  • Avoidance of legal conflicts
  • Distinctive online identity

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Questions & Answer

Can I choose from different top-level domains?

Yes, our service allows you to choose from various top-level domains such as “.de”, “.com”, “.net” and many more. This allows you to choose the TLD that best suits your website.

How can I make sure my reserved domain isn't registered by someone else?

Reserving your domain protects it from unwanted registration by third parties during the reserved period.

Can I take over an already registered domain by reserving it?

No, domain reservation does not allow you to take over domains that have already been registered. It is used to secure available domains in advance.

How long can a domain be reserved?

You have the flexibility to set the reservation duration according to your needs. However, please note the cancellation periods for domains. A domain is always due for a full year in advance and is automatically extended if not canceled.