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NetLocker: Matoma’s smart mailbox lockers grow in their possibilities

By 29. February 2024No Comments2 min read

Thanks to the new rental model, also attractive for medium-sized businesses. Additional front and body colors expand the possibilities to meet individual needs.

Trossingen, April 2022. Mate Jovic, Managing Director of Matoma GmbH and chief developer of NetLocker, and his team are continuously working on improvements and expansions of the digital mail distribution solution NetLocker. “Of course we have our own ideas for the further development of NetLocker. At the same time, we listen carefully to what our customers need and try to take most of it into account in further development. This means that by the next update at the latest, all customers will benefit from individual ideas,” reports Mate Jovic.

The digitization of incoming company mail has made considerable progress. However, registered mail, originals, certificates, catalogs or consignments of goods that have to be physically delivered remain. Matoma’s smart NetLocker mailbox systems have been receiving increasing attention for several years.
While initially only corporations recognized the potential for software-supported and resource-saving mail distribution in smart digital mailboxes through the open space movement, today the topic is more relevant than ever with home offices and flexible workplaces, even in medium-sized businesses.

So far, digital mailbox systems have mainly been used in companies with 1,000 employees or corporations, despite the obvious advantages. This is mainly due to the costs involved in purchasing and operating it. And this is exactly where Matoma comes in and now offers an attractive rental model to make the software-supported digital mailboxes attractive to medium-sized businesses.

Jonas Wirth, an employee of Matoma GmbH and part of the NetLocker development team, recently took on the solution as part of his master’s thesis “Cloud migration of monolithic software”. The objective was the synergistic use of resource capacities, scalability and central configuration to enable the rental model. “I am satisfied with the result and happy about the appreciation of the first customers who are using their projects as a rental solution,” he says proudly.


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