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Matoma visit Post-Expo at Geneva

By 28. September 2017February 21st, 2024No Comments2 min read

Post-Expo in Geneva is an international exhibition and conference for postal technologies where products and services for improving efficiency, quality and service in the postal industry are showcased. This year, both Managing Directors from Matoma were there because the NetLocker product, from developer and Matoma Managing Director Mate Jovic, has established a strong reputation in the industry with large companies and corporations and enjoys a high degree of brand awareness, both in Germany and beyond.

NetLocker is a cabinet system for software-supported and resource-efficient mail distribution. Modern organisational infrastructures such as “Desk sharing (Hot desking)” or “Flexible offices” are already used by many large companies. On a day-to-day basis, this means that an employee doesn’t have a fixed workplace but, depending on the project or activity they are working on, will work from any workplace within the company. The upshot of these flexible working arrangements is the problem that the delivery of personal mail, traditionally done by staff from the mail room based on departmental assignments, is made more difficult or even impossible. NetLocker offers a solution for this problem.

A centralised cabinet system with individual mail boxes that handles the following steps, for the most part automated. After the individual mail items are recorded, using a logical algorithm, the software automatically groups the mail items together according to recipient, size and weight, assigns them to a suitable mail box and generates the route that the mail staff have to follow. Once delivery is completed, i.e. the item has been scanned and put into the assigned mail box, the recipient is notified automatically. Pick-up is done through a personally assigned patch.

The distribution and organisation of other resources, such as vehicle fleets with joint-use company vehicles or working materials can also be controlled through NetLocker. The cabinet systems are customised and can vary according to size, layout and number of mail boxes, depending on individual customer requirements.


Author Marco

As managing director of Matoma GmbH and an experienced software entrepreneur (since 1997), Marco Gola has established himself as a leading force in the field of smart locker systems. He is the editor of a specialist book and an active blogger, where he writes about smart lockers, especially in office environments. Through his membership in the DVPT and IFMA Switzerland, he underlines his commitment to quality and innovation in the industry. Matoma GmbH is distinguished by the development of the leading software solution for intelligent locker systems NetLocker(r). Follow Marco Gola on LinkedIn for the latest insights and developments.

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