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What is NetLocker?

Great strides have been made in the digitalisation of inbound company mail in recent years. But there is still a significant amount that has to be delivered manually: registered mail, document originals, certificates, catalogues, consignments of goods, etc. And with large organisations with thousands of staff, this can add up to several hundred mailings a day.

NetLocker supports mail room staff to deliver these items in a safe, flexible and traceable way.

Main Benefits

  • Mail drop system, in order to separate the steps of delivering and receiving the mail from each other
  • Decentralised, in order to address the move towards Open Space or Hot Desk offices
  • Electronic, in order to control access and to facilitate traceable deliveries
  • Dynamic, in order to determine the required number of mailboxes statistically rather than nominally and to be able to handle different sized mail items
  • Open architecture, which allows deployment in house (on-premises), in the Cloud or a combination of both. No software is installed on the company’s PCs
  • Flexible, through the mapping of teams, substitutes, Wizard functions, absences, forwarding routines, returns, re-routing, …

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