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As a supplier of Alumni management solutions, Matoma Internet Consulting has established itself successfully in the market with the modular “Alumni 2.0” module. In order to address the widespread desire for more professionalisation of Alumni work, a performance figure module was developed that universities and colleges can use to measure and compare Alumni work

Career services, Event management or even Fund-raising organisations can also benefit from successful Alumni work.

At the 2015 alumni conference in Potsdam, a small group of members of the industry association therefore formed the “Key Figures Working Group” with the aim of developing key figure models to further improve alumni work in German-speaking countries. The “Alumniscore” indicator model that has now been created is intended to provide orientation and help develop indicators for entire sectors.

This is because alumni management at many colleges and universities is still characterized by individual solutions. A lack of standards not only makes it difficult to compare, but also to measure the success of their own alumni work.

Has our own Alumni work improved in comparison to last year?

Where are our relative strengths and how do we stack up in comparison to others?

It was to address these recurring questions that Matoma triggered the development of the “Alumniscore” as part of a Master’s thesis. There is an algorithm behind the calculation of the Alumniscore. Differently weighted questions from five differently weighted key topics form the basis of the calculation, which delivers a value between 0 and 100 and graphical evaluation.

Detailed information is to be found on, where there is also a chance for interested universities and colleges to determine their own alumni score.

Initial results from 102 universities and colleges with over 800,000 students were presented at the Alumni Conference 2016. Marco Gola, Chair of the working party and Managing Director of Matoma, expressed his satisfaction at the positive feedback from the last weeks:

With the Alumni Score, we are focusing on the essentials - the quality of alumni work."


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As managing director of Matoma GmbH and an experienced software entrepreneur (since 1997), Marco Gola has established himself as a leading force in the field of smart locker systems. He is the editor of a specialist book and an active blogger, where he writes about smart lockers, especially in office environments. Through his membership in the DVPT and IFMA Switzerland, he underlines his commitment to quality and innovation in the industry. Matoma GmbH is distinguished by the development of the leading software solution for intelligent locker systems NetLocker(r). Follow Marco Gola on LinkedIn for the latest insights and developments.

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