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Retail: Make use of the e-mail sales channel! Find out how to use e-marketing to drive up your turnover

By 22. November 2017August 22nd, 2019No Comments

Experience shows us that high season for online marketing is from the end of October to the start of January, where every customer is looking for gifts and is keen to invest their Christmas bonus in products and services.

Particularly in the B2C area, up to 40% of annual revenues in some cases, are achieved in the period before and after Christmas. The easiest way to tap into this enormous potential is with one of the most important communication channels, the e-mail.


Newsletters and e-marketing offer the classic win-win-situation.
Customers appreciate being informed quickly and promptly. These days, it has become very important to have access to all your leads, even when on the move. And the best way is digitally on their Smartphones.


In comparison to printed advertising, e-mail users benefit from more economical despatch costs, more resource-efficient delivery and and faster distribution of the requested information. And if you deploy clever systems as well, you can implement improvement measures through tracking and evaluation and start targeted follow-up campaigns to drive up revenues.


As well as the “right” system, you also need the “right” strategy; personalisation, choice of pictures and selecting the best time to send the e-mails all have an influence on the success of your campaign.


As an e-marketing system, our NLMC offers a comprehensive package of options for controlling campaigns and for making them successful. The modular construction allows you to modify it at any time to meet changing needs and to add additional modules as required.

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