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Digitisation in medium-sized businesses

How Google services improve visibility and online presence

By 29. February 2024No Comments3 min read

91 percent of all Internet users search for information on the Internet. Almost all of them use search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Today, every second search no longer ends with an external page, but with the search results being displayed. The reason for this is an information box that is displayed next to the search results. This so-called Knowledge Graph displays individual information on the search terms. For example, opening hours can be read directly and there is no need to click on external pages.

On Google, well-structured search results, information, locations and products make the user’s search much easier. The aim is to place your company as high up as possible in the search results. This increases sales.

A wide variety of factors are decisive for a good ranking. In order to maintain an overview, there are many tools and services from Google that are designed to help improve and monitor your own online presence and visibility.

Below we show you the most important services:

Information processing

Google My Business
Probably the most important service from Google allows you to enter your own companies in a type of business register. This information is then shown in the search and the map service Google Maps. Google also generates these entries automatically. Corrections to this information can be made manually in Google My Business.

Information such as the industry, website, contact information, opening times, reviews, photos or information about customer volume at certain times is included.

A Google account is required for this.

Google Manufacturer Center
If you as a brand manufacturer want to influence the uniform appearance of your brand, you can manage the data feed for your products here, similar to retailers in the Merchant Center.

Google Ads
Google Ads is particularly important for retailers. Various advertisements can be booked via Google here. Registration is free, but placing ads requires a fee.

An interesting tool is within Google Ads. The so-called Keyword Planner Keywords can be researched and the search volume of search terms can be displayed here.

Analysis and optimization tools

Google Search Console
Search Console can be used to measure performance, troubleshoot problems, and request re-indexing.

Grow my Store
The Grow my Store service is completely new to the range of Google services. This is particularly interesting for retailers and online shops. Attention is paid to the correct availability of information and the design of the checkout processes. In addition, the display on mobile devices is checked here.

Lighthouse checks for loading speed and accessibility

Google Analytics
Important key figures and statistics are listed here.

Test my Site
This service is similar to Lighthouse. In addition to other optimization recommendations, loading time can be compared with competitors.

Google Optimize
Based on Google Analytics, this service with advanced statistics is used specifically for the optimization of online shops.

Markup Helper
This tool checks the source code for structure and additional information.

Think with Google
Tips and tricks from online retailers are presented here.


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