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Die Philosophie von Matoma


Matoma works across all industries and is oriented towards problem-solving. We enjoy nothing more than getting to grips with a new topic, understanding the problem and working out solutions. Our experience has shown us that looking at a situation with fresh and independent eyes, often opens up completely new perspectives.

Web technologies

Matoma is a child of the Internet. We love web technologies. 20 years ago, no-one had any idea that HTML/JS/CSS in particular, would play such a dominant role in the area of user interface development. And the trend is only really picking up speed now. With HTML5, PWAs and WebAssembly, further application areas will be tapped into.
So, our area of choice is web user interfaces. And where that may not be the best approach, we utilise our know-how in the areas of Xamarin (MacOS, iOS, Android) and WIN32/WPF/UWP (Windows).


We are firmly convinced that software, especially software with a user interface, has to be able to withstand scrutiny from an aesthetic point of view. It should not just be a means to an end. We are much more of the opinion that usability, and therefore productivity, should go hand-in-hand with the visual aspect of the design. User interfaces should invite the user in and make them want to use the software. That is something that our seasoned design team experiences on a daily basis.

How can Matoma help?

If you are faced with one of the questions below and are looking for a partner, then it is always almost worth getting in contact with us:

If your particular question doesn’t happen to be there, still give us a call. We love a challenge!

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You need an Intranet or a Web application?
You’ve got one or more databases that you want to amalgamate, consolidate or create a new user interface for?
You need a Smartphone application, App, that has to run on the big two platforms and on Windows?
You have an existing program or device (we don’t mind if they are historic or even exotic), that needs to be brought into the 21st century using web technologies?
Your existing .NET application needs to be equipped with new interfaces and your software developers are struggling to find the best way?


Matoma is a .NET company. From day one, we have been using the comprehensive ecosystem around the .NET framework and have already implemented successful projects with all the important base technologies:

ASP.NET Web Forms
Windows Forms
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

Particularly over the course of the last 2 years, Microsoft has made .NET fit for the future and has ensured the continuing success story with .NET Core, .NET Standard and Xamarin.


Software is always part of a bigger infrastructure and must be able to interact; receive, process and transmit data. Over the course of our history going back over twenty years, we have implemented or integrated countless interfaces, communicating with third-party systems:

  • Databases (MS SQL Server, Btrieve/Pervasive, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)
  • MS Exchange Server (EWS)
  • Various access control solutions (KABA, Bixi, Interflex, Gantner, PCS)
  • Siemens SIMATIC S7®
  • SAP R3®
  • Various measurement devices for length, play, mass, diameter, volume (TRIMOS, Mahr)
  • Screw-fitting stations (Atlas Copco, Desoutter)
  • Test jigs (Tetratec, Dürr, Zeltwanger)
  • Label printers (ZPL / EPL)
  • LASERPLUSS RayDesk® labelling devices
  • Barcode and data matrix readers(Cognex, Zebra)
  • Various RFID readers
  • Authentication protocols (SAML/Shibboleth, OAuth, Open ID)


Excerpt from our customer projects

Web UI for burner design
Walter Dreizler GmbH, Spaichingen
Assembly UI for pumps
L’Orange GmbH, Stuttgart
Day pass administration
Credit Suisse, CH-Zurich
Request management for access authorisations
Credit Suisse, CH-Zurich
Car fleet management with automatic key issuing through a locker system
Services industriels de Genève, CH-Geneva
Order management and production planning for wooden packaging
Zimmerei Daum GmbH, Rohrbach
B2B product ordering system
Weinkontor Freund GmbH, Borgholzhausen
Product selector with faceted search, SAP interface and data sheet generation
TR-Electronic GmbH, Trossingen
Web UI for calling up archived orders
Fluid Mechanics LLC, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Web UI for generating supplier self-appraisals
Willich Verwaltungs GmbH, Versmold
Software for OCR recording and archiving order documentation
HEBUmedical GmbH, Tuttlingen
Person data record comparisons and synchronisation between three systems
Technische Universität München
GUI for conservatory control
Giretti Electronic GmbH, Trossingen

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