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NetLocker is powerful.

And visually appealing.

All functions are combined into a self-explanatory Web-based GUI, which in principle, can be accessed through any workstation. In this way, peripheral devices, such as label printers, scales and cameras are connected indirectly and can be accessed without the need for a local installation.


NetLocker delivers all the functions you need to support mail distribution in your company.


Multi-language support

Staff data record import

Through a text file or a live service1

Single sign-on


On-Premise / Cloud hosting


Integration of existing company ID cards

All commonly used systems1


All important activities

Role concept

User, Mail staff, Administrator

Administrative mailbox opening / Emergency opening

Mail Registration

Mail registration through Web GUI

All commonly-used browsers; no plugins are needed

Mail registration through Desktop application

Automatic weighing

Recipient identifier through OCR

Through third-party systems1

Freely definable mail item dimensions

Photographing of the mail item

By a Desktop application1

Use of an external/existing mail registration software

Technical possibilities have to be checked1

Mail delivery / collection

Cabinet assignment by person

Static or dynamic (through the staff data records)

Delegating collection rights

No limit on the number of substitutes

Temporary forwarding of mail

Temporary suspension of mail deliveries


Temporary change of cabinet assignment

By the Administrator or in the Self Service Portal

Notification that mail is ready to be collected

E-mail or SMS1

Handling of uncollected or returned mail items


Outgoing mail through mailbox

Register/hand over outgoing packages


1Project scope