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E-marketing for Alumni management

E-mail newsletter as an efficient communication tool for Alumni management
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E-marketing for companies

Keep your partners and customers up to date
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E-marketing for local authorities

E-mail newsletter as an efficient communication and dialogue tool for national and local authorities
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E-marketing in retail

E-mail newsletter as an efficient communication and sales tool for retail
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Effective e-marketing with the Matoma E-Marketing Center

With the Matoma E-Marketing Center, you can create e-mailings and newsletters using any Web browser of your choice. Our despatch infrastructure has CSA (Certified Senders Alliance) certification, which guarantees a high hit-rate for your mailings.

Through its simple and intuitive user guidance, the E-Marketing Center offers you a comprehensive range of settings options for successful e-marketing and newsletter management. Your login area includes subscription management, target group selection, the creation and despatch of e-mails and valuable statistical analyses at the click of a mouse button.

  • WYSIWYG editor or template (HTML & text)
  • Data record management (unlimited lists and attributes)
  • Import/Export (Excel, csv)
  • Form creation (for integration in websites or social media)
  • Certified: despatch & security
  • Layout optimised for use on mobile devices
  • Statistics centre
  • Previews for various layouts, e.g. Lotus, Outlook, Gmail, iPhone, …)
  • Web service for integration in legacy databases, e.g. Sage CRM


E-mails despatched in 2017

Newsletters made easy

The management, user administration and the analyses of your newsletters is done through a protected Administrator area. You can organise the modules that are most relevant for you into your Dashboard and even customise the GUI to match your CI.
You manage all newsletters, administer the users and make your analyses comfortably and conveniently through a protected Administrator area.

The system can be operated in English or German.



Newsletter despatch

Make use of a variety of different options for the despatch of your newsletters, which you can specify and define for yourself:

  1. Freely selectable sender and response addresses
  2. Formats such as text, HTML or multipart are possible
  3. Despatch to selected target groups and lists
  4. Time-controlled despatch

You can divide mailings up over several despatch packages.
For increased efficiency and long-term success, despatch can be controlled over external systems:

  1. CRM systems, e.g. Sage CRM
  2. CMS, e.g. TYPO3, WordPress, …
  3. Community platforms

Always carry out tests on the layout and deliverability or carry out an A/B test.

Interfaces / API (optional)

Web-based interfaces

The Newsletter Marketing Center can be connected over an interface to different systems, such as:

  • Web-based SOAP interface for the exchange of data between different systems
  • Interfaces to CRM systems, e.g. Sage CRM
  • Connection of Web shops
  • Interfaces to Alumni systems
Profile enrichment

Target your mailings even more precisely

A/B Split test

Optimisation tests

Data protection, security & performance

CSA-certified server

Higher quality e-mails

Extensive tests and previews

Target groups, segmentation

Target groups, segmentation

Read-aloud function (optional)

Responsive design

Mobile device layout

Comprehensive statistics

Newsletter analysis

A tool for all eventualities

Data import/export

Double opt-In? No problem

Login and logout function

Source code for your websites

Form creation

The Newsletter Marketing Center offers the option of creating an unlimited number of forms and of placing them on your website.

The use of forms on websites and especially on microsites is an excellent tool when it comes to lead generation. If you are seeking to truly automate the process of lead generation, forms are needed to invite the so far anonymous user to submit contact information.

The era of the manual and previously tiresome process of creating forms, which for the most part triggered inadequate response e-mails, using systems such as Typo3 or WordPress, is over.
Using the newsletter system described here you can start to create your own forms straight away, without needing any specialist knowledge. You determine the storage location and if appropriate, which group-related response e-mails should be sent.

What else is there to help you…


When it comes to the free and flexible design of your newsletters and, depending on which format you have chosen (text, HTML or multipart), a comfortable HTML editor can make your work easier. HTML source code, as well as RSS feeds or XML files and commonly-used social media buttons can be imported and integrated simply.

Create your own design templates and use the wide range of options for customising your newsletter.

  • The newsletter format is freely selectable: text, HTML or Multipart
  • An easy-to-use HTML editor (WYSIWYG) simplifies the creation of your newsletter
  • You are free to design your newsletter any way you like
  • HTML source code can be easily imported from external programs
  • Create your own design templates and dynamic content to meet your defined requirements
  • Commonly-used social media buttons can be integrated easily

Customised despatch routines

You have extensive options for creating customised and individual newsletters, from personalised greetings or subject lines, tailored content such as graphics, text, pictures or photographs and including individual vouchers or barcodes, and much more, which may perhaps only be sent to one defined target group.

  1. E-mail despatch with personalised greeting
  2. Targeted content, such as graphics or complete articles
  3. Personalised subject lines
  4. Personalised sender address
  5. Personalised pictures and photos
  6. Individual vouchers or barcodes

Bounce management

If e-mail addresses are out of date or if a mailbox is not accessible, the bounce manager is activated automatically to deal with these returns.

  • All returns are automatically accepted and analysed
  • There is a differentiation between hard and soft bounces. Does the e-mail address no longer exist or is it just that the server cannot be reached or the mailbox is full, for example
  • Support through the semi-automatic processing of bounced mail
If you don’t have a website available

Landing pages

The Newsletter Marketing Center offers the option of creating landing pages for separate product pages, vouchers, etc. This is helpful if you want to direct your readers to some content that is not featured on your website or which doesn’t have a homepage.

  • Straightforward and flexible creation based entirely on your own requirements and wishes
  • Simplified implementation through the use of templates
  • Extensive personalisation options

E-mail campaign manager

The e-mail campaign manager helps you to implement complex and even multi-level campaigns, such as birthday campaigns, or follow-up e-mails resulting from a defined click, etc.


  1. Control multi-channel campaigns through e-mail, fax, letter, SMS or postcard
  2. Select the construction of linear-structured campaigns for one pre-defined target group
  3. An analysis can be produced for those who took part in the campaign


  1. Control multi-channel campaigns through e-mail, fax, letter, SMS or postcard
  2. Enable yourself to construct complex campaigns
  3. Receive immediate feedback on user reaction, e.g. after opening a mailshot
  4. Combine several campaigns with each other

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